21 maggio 2016


Christmas time is here

Ed. Preludio – 2014




Please come home for Christmas

Jingle bell rock

All I want for Christmas is you

Gateway to life

Ed. Abeat Records – 2012




E se domani

E se domani – Alternative version

Let me

The young lady


“Giuseppe Delre sings Cole Porter & The beat of a yearning desire”

Ed. Abeat Records




I’ve got you under my skin

So in love

It’s all right with me

Get put of town

Love for sale

“Different Moods”

Bumps Records




Respiro su di te

Guarda che luna

L’ultima occasione

“Have Yourself A Merry Christmas”

Ed. Arte Classica




“Sounds from Puglia Jazz”

Allegato alla rivista Musica Jazz di luglio 2011





“The Dharma Bums””

Universal Records




“The Bumps Playin” – The Italian Cinedelics

ADV Records




“Joy To the World”

Fare live records




“Introducing Vince Abbracciante”

Bumpa Records





“Giuseppe Verdi e La Musica Vocale Da Camera”

cd-rom – 2003





“Level one”






“N.V. Westerhout cent’anni dopo”






“Via Crucis via Lucis”

Ed. Elledici